Saturday, December 14, 2013

dec 14 aft | christmas presence all-request matinee | set list

That was fun!  Before the show in the lobby we handed out a list of pretty much all the readings in the Big Green File Box Of Christmas, and let the audience pick the set lists. I didn't keep a record of the order of the pieces - after all, it was never written down - but here are the titles that were chosen.

The Face In The Sky | Frederick Buechner
God In The Doorway | Annie Dillard
Secret of the Gifts | Paul Flucke
Frail Humanity | Rory Holland
Seven Principles of a Successful Christmas | Garrison Keillor
Irrational Season | Madeleine L'Engle
No Safe Place | Sheila Rosen
Santa's Little Helper | David Sedaris
Too Much To Ask | Luci Shaw
Christmas Prayer | Robert Louis Stevenson
A Child's Christmas In Wales | Dylan Thomas

The musicians were Allen Desnoyers, Sheree Plett and Peter La Grand - check the evening set list for a list of the tunes they played in the afternoon, more or less.

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