Thursday, January 02, 2014

charPR prize

This is a first!  Thanks to The Charlesbois Post for awarding us the inaugural CharPR Prize for Small Theatre! Here's what they said about us:

We chose Pacific Theatre because it is a small company, a quarter of the way around the world, which deals with us here in Montreal and our people on the ground in Vancouver like they were just down the block. They are accessible, and, like the other winners here, we can propose coverage outside of opening night reviews and they are open to it without question. In this way, this company has made itself part of the national theatre dialogue. They are not way out west - they are here, in this place, participating in the conversation that is Canadian theatre.

A HUGE thanks to the folks at The Charlesbois Post for helping to create a cross-country conversation about theatre in Canada, and for including us in it! Here's to another year of fantastic theatre!

Also, congratulations to local photographer David Cooper for winning their award for best photographer!  If you didn't recognize the name, the artist who does our stunning brochure graphics is David's daughter, Emily Cooper, so we're keeping it in the (extended) family with this one.  It's great to see David recognized for his years of excellent work.

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