Monday, January 06, 2014

january 28 - february 9 | freud's last session | damon calderwood

Damon Calderwood is well known to Pacific Theatre audiences: we've seen him in Spitfire Grill, Christmas On The Air, A Man For All Seasons, The Elephant, and more - right back to Murder Mystery days! Now he's playing C.S. Lewis in a New Westminster production of a show that's very much on Pacific Theatre's radar...

City Stage New West presents a Couch Trip Collective production of the Western Canada premiere of FREUD'S LAST SESSION by Mark St. Germain, directed by Chris Robson.

FREUD'S LAST SESSION stars veteran theatre actors Richard Newman as Dr. Sigmund Freud, and Damon Calderwood as British author C.S. Lewis, with direction by Chris Robson (MFA – UBC). The show runs January 28th to February 9th at New Westminster’s historic Galbraith House.

What begins as a philosophical debate becomes a profound and deeply touching play about two men who boldly address the greatest questions of all time- does God exist? Does goodness require the presence of evil? Can morality guarantee our survival on the eve of destruction?

Famed psychoanalyst Doctor Sigmund Freud is dying of cancer, having recently escaped to London from Nazi-controlled Austria. He summons the young novelist, essayist, and late convert to Christianity, C.S. Lewis, to his London home to discover why the brilliant intellectual and former atheist would “abandon the truth for a lie”. God, love, sex, morality, evil and the meaning of life are burning questions, especially on the day England enters the Second World War - and only two weeks before Freud will end his own life.

Venue: Galbraith House, 131 Eighth Street, New Westminster
Box Office:
Run: January 28-February 9 - 8pm Opening: January 29th. 2-for-1 Preview: January 28th

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