Wednesday, January 29, 2014

jan 28-feb 1 | new generations | twu

Our friends at TWU's SAMC are putting on another round of NEW GENERATIONS this weekend, and they've made a fun trailer to get us excited.


THE ESCAPER’S SONG by Jessica Walters
If you could leave the drudgery of everyday life behind, and disappear forever into an exotic new world…would you do it?
Directed by Charissa Hurt. Stage managed by Mikayla Wust. Featuring Alice Best, Mackenzie Cameron, Alec Gloanec, and Keenan Marchand.

HERE by Erik deLange
A young couple’s grief dissolves into a dream world of love made new, memories made beautiful, and a forest where the wild things are.
Directed by Amy Dauer. Stage managed by Mackenzie Johnson. Featuring Graham Boldt, Emily Herbison, Rena Iwasaki, Jordan Klassen, Esther Owobowale, and Sam Ravensbergen.

FEMINIST FAN CLUB by Dillon Dean James
Welcome to The Feminist Fan Club, where the cookies are gluten-free and the politics are devoured with a touch of sass.
Directed by Matthew Wigmore. Stage managed by Hannah Stover. Featuring Graeme Geddes, Amara Gelaude, and Rachael Norman.

Tickets and info here.

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