Sunday, January 26, 2014

feb 6-22 | michael kopsa in 'art' | richmond gateway

Michael Kopsa has a long history of memorable roles in quintessential Pacific Theatre shows. Hospitality Suite, Shadowlands, The Woodsman, and his Jessie-awarded turn as Satan in The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot. Now he's at The Gateway - longtime home of Pacific Theatre before we opened our own space at 12th and Hemlock - in Yasmina Reza's widely-produced three-actor play...


If friendship is based on common likes and values, what happens when someone does something outrageous? Serge spends 200,000 francs on an all-white painting and inadvertently lobs a grenade into his circle of friends. Marc is enraged Serge would blow his money on something he judges to be worthless. Yvan wants to remain neutral, but just adds fuel to the fire by not taking a stand. Get ready for fireworks as friendships implode in this Tony Award-winning black comedy.

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