Monday, February 17, 2014

feb 20 - march 2 | nothing but sky | rob olguin

Rob Olguin is an actor you may have seen on the Pacific Theatre stage in Jesus Hopped the 'A' Train and who will also be performing in our production of Espresso this spring. He is in a very exciting show opening this week called Nothing But Sky! The Only Animal is company who creates unconventional and dynamic theatre and this show is something you wouldn't want to miss. A comic book biopic that takes place within the drawing room of the Canadian who first drew Superman. 

Meet Joe, the artist, his best friend, Jerry, the writer, and Joanne, the original model for Lois Lane and the girl they both love. Get on board the skyrocket as their creation goes from slushpile to the most popular Superhero of all times. The play becomes a living comic book, where real and drawn characters merge as we discover that our closest friends are equal parts Villain and Hero. But the real danger comes when DC Comics gets a hold of Superman, and what you created might return to destroy you.
With 3-D projection mapping, panelled action sequences, and an animation team that includes Paul Dutton (Academy Award winner for Triplets of Belleville,Nothing But Sky is a comic book biopic, where we leap off the cliffs of artistry and love… and hope that we can fly.

Nothing But Sky
Feb 20 - March 2
Scotia Bank Dance Centre - Faris Family Studio

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