Tuesday, February 04, 2014

measure for measure | cast sonnet

Remember those Word of the Day posters the MEASURE FOR MEASURE cast has been leaving around our green room for the past couple of months? Well, the creative bees that they are, just looking at these words wasn't quite enough for them. Naturally, the next step was to take these Shakespearean words, and write sonnets of their own! They held a sonnet competition, attempting to use as many "words of the day" as possible in one little ditty. The winners were Peter Anderson and Simon Webb, who shared a delicious lemon meringue pie as their prize! Here is Peter's lovely sonnet, with the key words capitalized:

When You I Eye

When you I eye, I Forfeit Clarity;
This stolen glance of Fondness breaks no law;
No theft, but some Fantastic Charity,
As long as you, the Thief, do not Withdraw.

This Game to which my sense and Soul is Prone
Leaves me in Terror you’ll leave me; Meanwhile
Despite the fear that I’ll be left alone,
Your Seeming Sweetness Sues and I’m Beguiled.

O Cunning Vice that sweetly tempts my Sense
And blinds me to the beauty all around;
Till all I see or feel is your Absence,
And cannot speak or even make a sound.

Thus, mute, my sentence I accept with grace;
Speechless before the sight of my Love’s face.

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