Tuesday, February 18, 2014

sideshow | artist profile | cara cunningham

Our next artist profile for SIDESHOW is Cara Cunningham.  Last year Cara was a season apprentice for writing, and this year she's joined our staff as Box Office Manager.  She is also a gifted performer, so we are excited to have her on board for SIDESHOW!

What got you started improvising? I was a part of Side Show Last year and realized I didn’t totally suck at it.

What is your favourite part of improvising? I like that it is instant theatre. As a playwright I think it is really awesome to have an idea and within seconds it is being played out on a stage in front of people. Most playwrights don’t get that opportunity.

How does musical improv actually work? We get a suggestion and then we start a regular improv scene and when someone gets an idea for a song they will start an acapella song. Then the pianist begins playing and whoever starts the song creates the chorus. Then the next person sings the verse and we re-sing the chorus that was just made up and so on and so forth. It takes a lot of trust in each other.

Who is your role model, when it comes to performing? Amy Poehler, she is the Queen of everything.

If you were to get a Sharpie tattoo on your back, what would it be? Leo the Lion, like Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls. It would be badass.

What is your favourite way to unwind at the end of a long week? Watch really bad reality TV. It makes me feel like my life isn’t so bad.

Five people you want to have for dinner? Amy Poehler, Minday Kaling, Jason Segal, My fiance and Jesus.

Are you afraid of ghosts? Not really. What powers do ghosts have? I’ve never understood this fear. You get to talk to dead people, that’s awesome not scary.

Give me three “fun facts” about you.
I consider eating jelly beans to be an actual meal
My favorite TV show is a really bad show on the CW. I’ll let you guess which one.
I’m getting married in May and I hate weddings.

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