Thursday, April 10, 2014

old time gospel radio hour | set lists

My suggestion? If you've got tickets for the show, but haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favour and skip this post for now. Come on back once you've seen it, then check out the sources. Much more fun to just let it have its surprises.

But for those of you who've seen the show - or can't see it - here's a rundown of the pieces used in Old Time Gospel Radio Hour.


Turn Your Radio On (Albert E. Brumley 1938)

Every Humble Knee (traditional)

John The Baptist
from Cotton Patch Gospel, by Tom Key

God Don’t Like It (Blind Willie McTell 1935)

Aimee Semple McPherson
Actual Hearst Metronome News newsreel of Sister McPherson speaking on Temperance

Advertisement: Republic Wines
by Peter Church and Ron Reed

Mountain Of Troubles (Kathleen Nisbett)

Charlie "Bulldog" Wireman
Unbelievably, a true story, edited from the testimony of Tennessee's baddest man

Get on your knees and Pray (Bill Monroe)

Working On A Building

Winston's Cow Polish
Community Corner
Pierre's Dream Cream
Written mostly by Peter Church and his other radio theatre pals back in Toronto,
with a bit or two by Ron Reed

Starry Crown (traditional)

from Tent Meeting, by Morris Ertman and Ron Reed

Out Of The Wilderness (traditional) 

Softly and Tenderly (Will L. Thompson)

Sweet Heaven In My View (The Carter Family)


Baseball Game In The Sky
from the film Radio Days, by Woody Allen

Life is a Ball Game (Sister Wynona Carr 1952)

Acme Ambiguous
Peter Church & friends

Hear Jerusalem Moan (traditional)

Hugo's Testimony
from God's Man In Texas, by David Rambo

Drifting Too Far From Shore (Charles E. Moody)

Daybreak In Dixie (The Stanley Brothers)

Advertisement: Artisan Church
by Kenton Klassen and Ron Reed

Cowboy Of The Cross
edited from various posts at the Cowboys Of The Cross website

You Must Come in at the Door (Sunny Skyler / Doc Watson)

Scripture Cake
freely adapted by Peter Church from a traditional recipe found at

Old Bond Medicated Powder
Peter Church & friends

Power In The Blood (Lewis E. Jones 1899)

Gospel Birds
by Garrison Keillor

Bright Morning Stars (traditional)

Over In The Glory Land (James Acuff)


All songs performed by Viper Central

Readings performed by Peter Church, Ron Reed, Kenton Klassen, Kaitlin Williams, Barbara Kozicki

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