Monday, April 07, 2014

regent college summer programs

Calling all Artists, Worship Leaders, Writers, Musicians:
"It's easier to leap over that gulf of unfamiliarity when it's a whole bunch of people holding hands and doing it together." Dennis Danielson
What is beauty? What is my story? What about the problem of evil?
Conversations about art and faith bring up questions of beauty, creativity, and mystery. Artists have a unique and important place in the Christian community because they can cultivate, celebrate, and critque the world through their art. Join the conversation by taking a course this summer with leading scholars and artists who invite you to wrestle with these questions together.  
Literature: Jun 2-6 Paradise Lost: The Poet, The Cosmos, and The Problem of Evil with Dennis Danielson 
Film: Jun 2-13 Jesus in Celluloid with Iwan Russell-Jones 
Music: July 21-25 The Theological Implications of Western Music with Daniel Chua
Fine Art: Jun 9-13 The Virgin Mary: Art and Theology Over Two Millennia with Matthew Miliner 
May 26-30 Fostering a Scriptural Imagination For The Arts with Jeremy Begbie
WorshipMay 26-30 Restoring the Story in Worship with Jeff Barker

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