Tuesday, April 29, 2014

may 3 & 4 | so high you can't get over it | eastside story guild

Our friends at the Eastside Story Guild have another performance coming up called SO HIGH YOU CAN'T GET OVER IT. See the info below, this is a wonderful kids and teens theatre program at Grandview Calvary Baptist Church.

The Eastside Story Guild Spring Performance May 3 (2:00 matinee)& 4 (10:30*, 5:00*)

The title of this production, So High You Can't Get Over It, has a double reference. First of all it refers to the walls of the temple where the Jewish community at the time of Jesus would gather to worship. The walls created a buffer of security against those who were excluded from the temple community, i.e people with skin diseases, pagans (including the ruling Roman class), those with deformed bodies, those who had transgressed the law and so on. This category of people were banned from the Great Power of Yahweh which was said to dwell within the temple precincts. The title's second reference, taken from a long-ago Sunday School song, is to the height and width of God's love. This performance tells how Jesus turned the exclusions of the temple system on their head so as to make the way to God accessible to all.

Performed by a cast of 40 children and youth.

SUITABLE for all AGES * Seating is First Come, First Served * Doors open 1/2 before start time * Donations welcome

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