Wednesday, May 04, 2016

may 11 | the pretender of sibir

The playwright got in touch with me about this play, and I must say I'm intrigued. Not sure if my WIT rehearsal schedule will allow me to attend the reading, but if I can slip out early I will. (Ron)

The Pretender of Sibir
by  Anna Russell

Reading: Wed May 11 @ 6pm
Cultch (Founder's Lounge)
pay what you can

1826. The Russian Tsar may be missing and rebellion threatens the Empire. An Envoy of the Imperial Court is abandoned by his driver on a remote stretch of the Siberian Convict Trail. Furious, he descends on three nearby strangers like an avenging god.

The four unlikely companions are forced to pass an uneasy night together. What will the Envoy learn of mercy? Will God hear the Elder’s prayers? Do the voices in the Collector’s head speak truth or lies? And will the Convict get his heart’s desire?

Each has a quest and each has a terrible secret they hope to keep through the night. But morning is a long time coming. Amid tales of mutiny and fraud of all kinds, the surprising relationship between power and insecurity plays out. By morning, which quests will be abandoned and which secrets will be revealed? In this landscape, who is innocent? And, can anyone be free?

Sparked by the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, and propelled by a 200-year-old mystery about the death of Tsar Alexander I, The Pretender is a thrilling trip through Old Russia, a true piece of ensemble theatre, and a story that cracks like a whip.

Director: Genevieve Fleming
Cast: Andrew Wheeler, Tamara McCarthy, Yurij Kis, Seth Ranaweera

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