Wednesday, May 18, 2016

wit | the set design

We've got an inside look at the set design for WIT, straight from designer John Webber! Read below as he discusses the set design process he and director Angela Konrad took in coming up with the concept for the set, which is based on an open book, with a page half turned, as well as the chaos of academic research.

Set Designer John Webber explaining the set design
at the first reading.

"We had been going back and forth a bit with various concepts, and as we were discussing the frustrations of research and the quality of work submitted by most students, we joked that Vivian's reaction would probably be to take a bunch of papers and throw them in the air. There was a little 'Ah Ha' moment and we were off.

The next evolution was bringing the formalization of research into the design, as Angela wanted to focus the piece on the price that Vivian and Jason pay for the drive to research over compassion for those around us.  This is where the idea for the book, with a page in mid turn, came from.

For me I imagine the set is an extrapolation of Vivian's desk with the book being a volume of Donne's work and lots of notes and reminders surrounding it with the audience as the reader."

-John Webber

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