Friday, May 27, 2016

wit | responses

"It’s intelligent, witty and sometimes funny." | Jo Ledingham

"Director Angela Konrad has assembled a wonderful cast centered on the magnetic Katharine Venour, who makes Vivian stoic and droll and always likeable. Dan Amos plays the fussy Dr. Pozer with distracted charm, and Julie Cassleman gives a gentle performance as the warm hearted Susie.... it is a very tender story about a powerful and tragic woman, wrapped in a handsome production, with a luminous cast." | David C. Jones, Vancouver Presents

"Venour maintains Vivian’s intellectual curiosity without ever falling into stage-academic clichés, and she’s horrifyingly convincing in rendering Vivian’s excruciating pain near the end. The supporting cast is also very good across the board, especially Casselman as Susie and Amos as the awful Dr. Posner... Wit is a play that respects great literature and confronts big questions with intellectual honesty. How are we equipped to deal with our own death? Not very well, it seems. No pat answers here. And paradoxically, there’s some comfort in that." | Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Plays

"You’d have to be made of stone not to be touched by the core story of Wit... Venour’s work is witty, moving, and true. Dan Amos gets all of the awkward humour and deep nerdiness that’s written into Jason. And Erla Faye Forsyth is perfection as E.M., the mentor. When E.M. visits Vivian late in the play, their interaction is heartbreaking." | Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight


"What a beautiful, poignant piece of theatre! I appreciate your willingness to tackle difficult subjects with such sensitivity and authenticity - many moments, particularly surrounding the nurse / patient relationship brought back thoughts of time I or loved ones spent in the hospital. Amazing job, again! Looking forward to next season!" | Deb Lensman, Facebook Comment

"Had the pleasure of watching 'Wit' (W;t) by Margaret Edson, at Pacific Theatre. Beautiful performance by the cast, particularly Katharine Venour in the charismatic lead role of Vivian Bearing." | Jaymee Mak, Facebook Post

"Compelling performances. A necessary view for all to remind us what really matters in this life!" | Bev Kanda, Facebook Comment

"It was funny, tragic and very moving. Thank you for bringing this powerful play so wonderfully to life in your fantastic theatre." | Robyn Roscoe, Facebook Comment

"Astonishingly beautiful: Wit at @PacificTheatre. Go see it, seriously, your heart & head will thank you." | @cheriepayne

"A stunning performance by my fabulous friend actor Katharine Venour in Wit. Get your tickets!" | @suzannescottvan

"#ptWit is skillfully clever & disquieting. Simple is honoured by complexity. This catharsis is truly "fine". Go see." | @mdkeane

"Such a profound & visceral show and such wonderful work by not just the ensemble but the creative team as a whole. @PacificTheatre" | @kathrynpreeves

"Just saw it tonight -- Powerful. One of the best PT plays I've ever seen, in 16 years of attending. Katharine was outstanding. Excellent lighting." | Rosie Perera, Facebook

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