Thursday, June 07, 2007

Help us find venues for "Fools Tongue" (Luke Ertman)

Hey soulfoodies,

You probably know that Morris Ertman has been my creative partner at Pacific Theatre since the very earliest days, directing so many of Pacific Theatre's most memorable shows. His son Luke is a gifted musician, doing a BMus at U of Alberta. He did the sound design for HUNGRY SEASON and THE QUARREL, and will be lined up to do the same on either THIS WONDERFUL LIFE or THE WOODSMAN next season.

And he has a band. "Fools Tongue." He plays the stick (Bruce Cockburn fans will need no explanation: for others of you, it's sort of a bass with a bunch of extra strings so you can do a whole lot of other stuff, percussive and melodic and all that), the other guy plays guitar. I've heard their demos, am very eager to hear them live.

They're booked for July 19 at The Nelson Cafe in Vancouver. So, all you musoids out there, where else can they play? Can any of you put Luke in touch with folks at, I don't know, The Railway Club, that Arts Club venue, places on Commercial Drive, whatever?

Thanks for any help you can offer.



Here's the note Luke sent me, with links...


Not quite sure if you?re able to help with this but it doesn't hurt to ask. My band Fools Tongue is playing a show on July 19 in Vancouver at The Nelson Café. We are currently trying to set up some last minute shows around that date to make the trip out there more worthwhile (and cost effective). I'm e-mailing you in hopes that you may be able to lend a hand and put me in contact with venues, people etc - anything really. I know that this may not be possible but it doesn't hurt to ask. If you need more information or just want to see and hear what is happening with us you can check out our new website.

Thanks so much,

Luke Ertman

Fools Tongue

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