Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June 29: Miriam Jones at the Wired Monk

Visiting at a friend's a couple months back, I was very taken with a cd he played for me, so he sold it to me on the spot and bought himself a replacement copy. Miriam Brown, "Being Here." Favorite tracks are "Always Been Between" and "I Am One." Recorded in Nashville, Charlie Peacock producing. You can hear a few of the tunes at her website. She's somehow part of the Regent community, though I don't believe she's a full time student there.

My pal just sent me this email: "CBC Radio played one of Miriam Jones' songs yesterday afternoon and informed the listeners that she would be performing at the Wired Monk Friday evening. That's 2610 W. 4th Avenue."

Thanks for the tip!

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