Sunday, June 03, 2007

Jun 30, Jazz Festival: Jim Byrnes & The Sojourners / Blind Boys Of Alabama

Jim Byrnes & The Sojourners / Blind Boys of Alabama
June 30, 7:30
The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts, 777 Homer Street
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Jim Byrnes 'House of Refuge'
A local legend in both music and television, blues guitarist/vocalist Jim Byrnes is one of Vancouver’s most respected and beloved entertainers. With the release of Fresh Horses (Black Hen Music) in 2004, a fantastic collaboration between Jim and well-known “strang-sters” Steve Dawson and Jesse Zubot was born. A refreshing project, the ensemble mixed tunes by Neil Young and Bob Dylan with some country blues and original instrumentals. With the recent release of his CD House of Refuge (Black Hen), Jim has come up with arguably the most inspired and soulful project of his career. This is gospel-tinged music filled with deep reverence and passionate expression. Whether it’s the gorgeous Of Whom Shall I Be Afraid (a nod to the 27th Psalm) or the ghostly conjuring of Robert Johnson’s Last Fair Deal Gone Down, Byrnes takes us on a stirring musical journey. With Keith Lowe bass, Elliot Polsky drums, Marcus Mosely, Will Sanders, Ron Small vocals. A double bill with the Blind Boys of Alabama.

The Blind Boys of Alabama
“Call it catharsis, call it testifying…but by whatever name you wish to call it…[it’s] one big, barn-burning, roof-raising, heaven-rocking, jubilation-generating show.”—Chicago Tribune
The Blind Boys of Alabama have spread the spirit and energy of gospel music for over 60 years. These living legends predate Elvis, Little Richard, and Al Green, yet even in their 70s they’re still at the top of the gospel charts and have won four consecutive Grammy Awards (2001–2004). In recent years, the Blind Boys have proven themselves masters of bringing out the most spiritual aspects of mainstream music, while at the same time bringing the music of the church straight to the roadhouse. They’ve recorded moving renditions of songs by everyone from Tom Waits to Prince side by side with their traditional material, and they’ve appeared as guests on record and stage with an equally diverse array of artists, from Peter Gabriel to Ben Harper. Led by founding members Ben Moore and Billy Bowers, this nine-piece vocal powerhouse is set to shiver your timbers and sear your soul with the gospel truth. Amen!

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