Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dec 14-16: FIRST CHRISTMAS revisited! (Reserve by Oct 4)

You've probably heard that PT's 2008/2009 season is our twenty-fifth. Who would ever have believed we'd last this long! Well, if you were around for the company's first couple of seasons, we've got a special invitation for you.

Part of our celebration of our anniversary year will be three performances of the company's inaugural production, FIRST CHRISTMAS: AN ENTERTAINMENT, featuring - if you can believe it - all of the original cast of that show! Byron Linsey, Elaine Adamian Myers, Allen des Noyers, Roy Salmond and I will be joined by musical guests Spencer Capier and the Nelson Boschman Trio for a Christmas Presence-style reading of that very first PT show. Frederic Buechner, Madeleine L'Engle, Annie Dillard, William Gibson, Simon & Garfunkel, Stan Rogers, and tons more, including original compositions by Allen des Noyers and Roy Salmond. Heck, the show's original director may even join us, Greg Myers!

The show runs three nights only, at Pacific Theatre. Sunday December 14 through Tuesday December 16. But because our Christmas readings always sell out, and we want to give special seating priority to those of you who were around Pacific Theatre in those very earliest days, we have reserved 60 seats for Opening Night, Sunday December 14, for people who saw shows or were involved with Pacific Theatre during our first two seasons. FIRST CHRISTMAS, BACKSTAGE TOUR, THE ZEAL OF THY HOUSE, FISH TALES, INTO AN EMPTY ROOM, the first couple editions of the Pacific Salt Company. You know who you are.

Those tickets will be held only until October 4: beginning the next day, they will be released for general sale. Tickets range in price from $11 to $22, depending whether you are a student or senior, or whether your ticket purchase is part of a season subscription package. You can order your tickets online (though the computers are being overhauled this week, which may cause complications) or at our box office: 731-5518.

We'll have a reception following that Sunday Opening Night show so everybody can reconnect, and celebrate Pacific Theatre's 25th Season - and a ton of memories.

See you there!

Ron Reed

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