Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sep 5: Sara Ciantar double-header

At CHRISTMAS PRESENCE last year, Sara Ciantar played accordion one night, pipe organ the next. I could guess which she'll be using this weekend, but it would only be a guess...

"The sun'll come out tomorrow..."
At least I hope so.
And then when the sun goes down i do hope that you'll join me for a double header of an evening.

First I'm playing at trees coffee house. You've all probably heard that trees has the best cheesecake of Vancouver.
It could be true. But don't trust me on that one. I'm lactose intolerant. You'll just have to try yourself.
So! Friday the 5th. things heat up at 8.
I'm on the bill with Erin Graves and the Creaking Planks
450 Granville St is right at the bottom where all that construction is-near the water.
It's a pass the hat scenario in case you're planning on coming to both (I wish!) and can't afford both.

Then I'm racing off to the Media Club to play with James Lamb and Aaron Joyce as we warm up the stage for NatJay's CD release
we're on at 10:30
The Media club is at 695 Cambie-Downtown

I hope to see you at either event.
Have a great sunny day! :)


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