Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sep 10 - Oct 29, Wednesdays: Nelson Boschman Trio, Yaletown

Good news! NeBo has moved into town, and he's gigging already! A whole bunch of Wednesdays in September and October, down in Yaletown. And even gooder news! Unless I read it wrong... There's no cover!
Dear music fan friends,

If you have received this email, you have either:

a.) Heard my trio's music and don't mind it so much
b.) Been exposed to my trio's recordings against your will
c.) Met my wife and think she's amazing, so you might come out to one of my gigs because of her
d.) Asked me to let you know when I'm playing shows that are NOT private functions

...or maybe there are some other categories that would suit you more aptly.

Regardless, I am pleased to announce that my trio will be playing six shows in September and October at Blenz Coffee, in the heart of Yaletown. 
dates, times and other info 
Hope to see you there!


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