Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oct 6: WRECKING BALL, with Lucia Frangione

How exciting to see our Lucia headlined, right next to Judith Thompson! An important event I'd love to have taken part in, but will be teaching that night. (Rumour is they need someone to play Stephen Harper...)

This just in from Katrina Dunn...

Hi Friends,

On the evening of October 6th, in advance of the federal election, the Alliance for Arts and Culture is presenting an all-party forum, and a bunch of Vancouver Artists are producing a political cabaret following the forum called The Wrecking Ball at the Stanley Theatre. The idea is to force the candidates to talk about the arts and the recent cuts, and then to see some provocative performance inspired by the election and its issues. The media will be there and we need to FILL THE STANLEY THEATRE with a throng of Vancouver artists and arts supporters and SHOW THE NATION that we care about what's going on and are willing to stand up for the arts. This election will have a definite impact on all our futures, so it is of the utmost importance that you BE THERE at this event and BRING EVERYONE YOU KNOW. All the details are on the attached press release. Please forward it, with a personal message to all your contacts.



And some more information from another email...

(More information at thenextstage)

Toronto political theatre series The Wrecking Ball has just announced a country-wide series of brand new political theatre to support the efforts of The Department of Culture. Running all on the same day - October 6 - across Canadian cities coast to coast, the series will be comprised of staged readings of new works by several outstanding Canadian playwrights, all written for this series in accord with the mandates of the Wrecking Ball concept: that all work must be based on current world events and written in one week, with time allotted for brief rehearsals.

The Vancouver version will be held at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage at 1250 Granville, Tickets go on sale at 6:00pm and the show starts at 9:00 pm, following an All-Party Forum and Press Conference which begins at 7pm. Hosted by Spirit of the West singer John Mann, and featuring new work by Lucia Frangioni and Judith Thompson, among others.

In Victoria, the box office of the Belfry opens at 7 pm, the show starts at 8, featuring work by Judith Thompson and Dennis Eberts, Neworld Theatre founding member Marcus Youseff has been tapped to come on board as a director.

The Wrecking Ball was founded in Toronto in November 2004 to "address a nagging imbalance: too much theatre in our politics, not enough politics in our theatre". Past WB playwrights include Jason Sherman, Judith Thompson, Karen Hines, Norm Foster, David Young, Michael Healey, Morwyn Brebner, Daniel MacIvor, Hannah Moscovitch, Andrew Moodie, Morris Panych, d'bi.young.

Each performance is Pay-What-You-Can, with proceeds going to The Department of Culture.

Update from Peter Boychuk at the Alliance for Arts and Culture: We're taking questions for the forum. To submit, email me directly at peter@allianceforarts.com. Please keep them simple and be specific.

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