Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prodigal Son Returns… In Print! Touchstone Theatre and Pacific Theatre Host a Celebration

In celebration of the publication of Prodigal Son, the award-winning play by Shawn Macdonald (New Bard Press, 2008), Touchstone Theatre and Pacific Theatre will host a book-launch party at Pacific Theatre (1440 West 12th Avenue) following the Saturday October 18 performance of Mourning Dove.

Prodigal Son recounts the story of a man named Peter. Happily planted on the west coast, Peter has his whole life mapped out for him: a career he can believe in, a marvelous boyfriend who loves him, and a circle of excellent friends. But when he starts seeing visions and experiencing strange physical sensations, his boyfriend assumes he's going crazy. The best help Peter can find is a therapist and single mother working out of her basement suite. Together they unravel the mystery behind Peter's mystical reawakening, a journey that leads him back to his conservative Catholic childhood in Quebec City, a family in denial, and his father's deathbed. Prodigal Son is a story of going in and coming out again.

Prodigal Son may hit a raw nerve in Canadian society by exploring parallel clashes between homosexuality and religion on the one hand, English and French language-cultures on the other, but when it was produced by Touchstone Theatre and Pacific Theatre (2006) to great critical acclaim it received 7 Jessie Richardson Award nominations and two Jessie Richardson Awards, including “Outstanding Original Script.” The play would later also receive an Xtra West Heroes Award for “Live Performance of the Year.” Copies of Prodigal Son will be for sale at the book launch and can also be purchased at www.amazon.ca.

Join Pacific Theatre and Touchstone Theatre in celebrating the publication of this provocative, darkly funny, and cathartic new play on Saturday October 18 at 10pm. Make a night of it! Purchase tickets for Mourning Dove (for tickets call 604.731.5518) and remain after the show for your opportunity to meet the author, buy a signed script, and enjoy fine food and drinks. For more information please call the Pacific Theatre Box Office at 604.731.5518.

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