Monday, October 12, 2009


Jim Leonard's play THE DIVINERS is one of the all-time audience favourites, with plenty of Soul Food to chew on. Bodes well for...

ANATOMY OF GRAY by Jim Leonard
"Folks felt a lot better before that man came to town..."

When 15 year old June Muldoon's father unexpectedly dies, she prays for a healer. Suddenly in a town where “nothing ever happens” a chance summer storm delivers Dr. Galen Gray to her doorstop. His "not-so-contemporary" methods soon have everyone catching a fever for love and a passion for treatment. But when an inexplicable disease starts taking lives, is their new doctor the cause or the cure?

A whimsical and dynamic tale for all ages, Anatomy of Gray is a powerful reminder that when it comes to love and medicine, the answer is never black and white.

Directed by Angela Konrad

Oct 20-31, Wed-Sat 8pm
plus 2 for 1 Preview - Tue Oct 20


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