Thursday, October 01, 2009

Reason To Subscribe #7: I WAS MEANT FOR THE STAGE

From Shakespeare to Show Biz - the life of the theatre , first audition to final bow. David Mamet , Cole Porter , Mark Twain, David Sedaris and more!

Your best chance to see the folks you talk to every time you book a ticket - on stage! Our apprentices. They run the box office and front of house, they assist with day-to-day admin duties, they create their own work, and from time-to-time they star on the PT stage.

Didn't know we had apprentices? Every year Pacific Theatre brings on board 3 or 4 up-and-coming theatre artists to spend a year steeped in the world of theatre. Former apprentices include the likes of Lucia Frangione, Tina Teeninga, Kirsty Provan, Linsy Rotar, Alison Chisholm, Lori Kokotailo, Adam Bergquist and Dan Amos, all of whom are busy booking work as actors, writers, and technicians all over town (and the continent)!

And this is quite the season for our apprenti. Ben Miller will be seen in THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT - can you imagine, to be an emerging artist in the midst of that cast?! Then Kaitlin Williams and Joel Stephanson will understudy THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE - and comprise the matinee cast for school shows, booking now! (Know somebody in a school who might want to take their students to see the C.S. Lewis classic? Last time we staged WARDROBE at the Norman Rothstein, 11,000 school children saw our daytime matinees! Call 733-3880 for more info). Our apprents will form the core of the cast for I WAS MEANT FOR THE STAGE and GODSPELL, then Shalyn McFaul will star in THE LAST 5 YEARS next summer! What a year. What an experience.

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