Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oct 29 - Nov 7: Trish Pattenden & Chris Humphreys, THE MASTER BUILDER

A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS cast members Chris Humphreys (Henry VIII, Cromwell) and Trish Pattenden (Alice More) are in THE MASTER BUILDER playing at the Telus Studio Theatre from Oct. 29 to November 7 at 7:30. More info at www.theatre.ubc.ca.

The Master Builder
By Henrik Ibsen, A new adaptation by Errol Durbach,
Directed by Gerald Vanderwoude a Co-production with Yorick Theatre

Halvard Solness, a brilliantly successful architect, has willed his unspoken desire into reality at every turn - but not without a price. Now burned out and at the end of his career he lives in fear that the next generation will rise up and cast him aside. Halvard’s encounter with a fiery-hearted young woman from his past, Hilde Wangel becomes a dramatic enactment of the forces animating, inspiring or destroying the artist in the drawn-out struggle to reconcile the prerogatives of aesthetics and of life. For this new 90 minute adaptation Ibsen scholar Errol Durbach utilizes source material created by Ibsen including letters, manuscripts and poems. Find out more about this production and our full season of events http://www.theatre.ubc.ca

“Ibsen’s tragic and epic masterwork: the forces of art, religion, sex and nature all converge to raise man up and knock him down." – New York Times

Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), the Norwegian playwright and poet known as the “father of modern drama,” is best known for Hedda Gabler, the epitome of a realistic play. Right behind is A Doll’s House, The Wild Duck and An Enemy of the People. Where these plays are all realistic and rife with symbolism, The Master Builder practically achieves allegorical heights. A taught psychological drama The Master Builder, along with his other late works Little Eyolf, When We Dead Awaken and John Gabriel Borkman it is known as one of his “symbolic” plays.

“Castles in the air - they are so easy to take refuge in. And so easy to build too. “ - Henrik Ibsen

TELUS STUDIO THEATRE Oct. 28 – Nov. 7, 2009
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, UBC
The Master Builder, By Henrik Ibsen, In a new adaptation by Errol Durbach, Directed by Gerald Vanderwoude
Run: Oct. 28 – Nov. 7, 2009| Mon. - Sat at 7:30 p.m. | Opening Night: Oct. 29 | Tickets: Reg. $25/Senior $20/Student $15 | | $6 Preview: Oct. 28 | Mondays $5 for UBC Alumni | Box Office: 604.822.2678
Showsite: www.theatre.ubc.ca

Media Contact: Deb Pickman P: 604.319.7656 E: pickman@interchange.ubc.ca

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