Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brother Can You Spare a Room?

Steve Walschmidt is a long-time member of the PT family. For years he ran our publicity with flair, and took the stage in A BRIGHT PARTICULAR STAR and CHICKENS. Since then he's gone on to live in Alberta, write a blog, and start his own theatre company. We are so excited that his show HOCKY DAD: A PLAY IN THREE PERIODS will be playing here at PT as a part of our Olympics rental group MORE THAN GOLD's line up of dance, theatre, and music. Unfortunately, his stage manager has no where to stay during the Olympics craze - a plight I'm sure we can all sympathize with. His request below:

Hello my friends in Vancouver,

I hope you're having a good new year thus far. I don't know if you've heard but a little solo show my friend Jamie & I created is coming to Vancouver. HOCKEY DAD: A PLAY IN THREE PERIODS will be playing at Pacific Theatre Feb 17-27, part of More Than Gold's line-up of arts events during the Olympics (see ) I'm thrilled about this.

I wanted to ask for your help in finding a billet for our stage manager, Wanda. (We have a spot lined up for Jamie.) Would you have a spare room or know of someone who might - and would like to donate it to a fledgling theatre company for a few days? Wanda will arrive Feb 16 and depart Feb 28. Let me know if you have any ideas or leads. Thank you so much for giving it some thought.

For more about HOCKEY DAD or our company, burnt thicket theatre, go to

Still missing the coast and you people there,

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