Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan 23: Martyn Joseph

It's always been a gratifying puzzle for me, to see the esteem in which Martyn Joseph is held in a musical community that isn't habitually quite so open to a singer who's quite so open about his Christian faith. Him and Bruce Cockburn. One suspects it's the radical politics in the mix with the spiritual, personal transparency - and mostly the exceptional musical gifts. Joseph brings an immense presence to the stage, big voice, huge passion - you need to see him live.

Rogue Folk Club presents...
Martyn Joseph
Sat Jan 23 | 8pm
St James Hall

"One of acoustic music's most original voices, and most forward looking of his generation of singer/songwriters." — Q Magazine

"the beautiful business of being alive with all it's jokes, absurdity and sadness, seared by music for the heart and head."

Across a 25-year career, and having released his 30th album Evolved in October 2008, which traces the organic morphing of some of his best loved songs, Martyn's song catalogue is an awesomely impressive archive of our times, our tribulations, our wonder and our wounds. Always charming, sometimes alarming, Martyn Joseph is a unique songwriter who digs deep and delivers an ultimate, life affirming message. One of the most unusual and compelling performers you are likely to encounter.

Thanks Rudi

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