Monday, January 11, 2010

The Passion Project - A work in progress

UPDATE: New pics added! Scroll to the bottom to check them out.

Bringing The Passion Project in from New York involves more than just flying in Reid Farrington and Laura K. Nicoll. It actually takes a massive rebuild of our stage! The whole staff is pitching in (including yours truly) to make it happen, and production manager Frank Nickel was good enough to document the progress:

The stage while it's still recognizable.

Apprent Ben works away at those seats. Dremmel on, Ben!

Seats begone with ye!

The new home for our first couple rows.

Apprent Shay makes things look a little nicer in the back stairwell.

While Apprent Kaitlin gets the higher spots.

If any of you have seen the back entrance to the theatre before, you know this is a HUGE improvement.

Of course, what's the point in spending a day painting a staircase if you can't then paint a birthday greeting overtop?

New stage!

Technical Director Jess Howell is all over that.

Apprent Ben Miller on the other hand is all business.

This is what happens when you interrupt Production Manger Frank Nickel while he's vacuuming.

Kaitlin keeps the stairs safe!

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