Wednesday, November 03, 2010

nov 10-13 | i r l (in real life) | shadows & dreams

PT's publicist Andrea Loewen is an actor too - you might have seen her moving a tremendous amount of furniture in YOU STILL CAN'T, when she was an apprentice with our company - and she's back onstage! She was in the Shadows & Dreams production of TWELFTH NIGHT this summer - directed by PT's Frank Nickel, with PT faces Alison Chisholm, Kerri Norris and Stephen Elcheshen also in the cast - and now the Shadows & Dreams connection continues...

Shadows & Dreams Theatre Company is proud to present the Canadian Premiere of...
irl (in real life)
by Rick Robinson

Nov 10-13 @ 8pm
Havana Theatre

When the four characters in "i r l (in real life)" arrive in Los Angeles for a convention of their favorite online game they are thinking of more than just swords and dragons: longtime friends online, they've decided to use this convention as an excuse to meet for the first time "in real life." What they find at the convention hall is sometimes more and sometimes less than what they'd hoped, and they all must struggle to come to grips with the differences between their idealized online personas and their more complicated real-life selves. A "Critics Pick" at the 2002 Los Angeles Edge of the World FestivalDirector: Stephen Elcheshen. Cast: Nigel Brooke, Michael Chase, Andrea Loewen, Paul Schulz.

“This light but psychologically weighty play, a fetching fable for our times.” (Backstage West)

“Writer Rick Robinson has crafted a bittersweet comedy about the lost and lonely addicts of an online role-playing fantasy game.” (Backstage West)

tickets $15 at the door CASH ONLY (Seating is limited)
reservations/ info (604) 515-0704

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