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nov 21 | diane tucker | jewish book festival

PT poet pal and member of my Artist Advisory at the theatre writes...

Diane Tucker
Mrs America 2007
Mrs World 2008

Hello all,

I’ll be reading at the event below this coming Sunday afternoon (I know, I’m about as Jewish as Conan O’Brien, but I do fall into the Northwest category). After my poem appeared in Drash, I went to Seattle to read there and it was a great experience. It’ll be a fun event. Hope you can make it!



Drash: Jewish Writing from the Rainy Cities
Hosts: Claudia Goldman & Wendy Marcus


At the Jewish Community Centre, corner of 41st Avenue at Oak Street in Vancouver.

Talk about niche! The newest kid on the literary journal block, Drash: Northwest Mosaic, tilts towards Northwest and Jewish themes. Yet its particular bent has intrigued a growing, international audience of readers and submitters, building a community of diverse religions, locations and literary styles. Who starts a literary journal in these perilous publishing times? And is this good for the Jews?

Drash editor and award-winning writer, Wendy Marcus holds forth about the first four years of this literary start-up, and how and why Drash readings are life-affirming experiences, cultivating readers and writers, and connection in these troubled, overly technological times. Marcus is joined by Drash contributors from British Columbia, Claudia Goldman and Diane Tucker; from the Seattle area by Don Kentop, Joan Moritz and Michael Schein; and visual wizard and Drash graphic designer Robin Asher.

Read about the whole Jewish Book Festival here

(Okay, so that's a different Diane Tucker. But I do like to jazz things up now and then with a photo...)

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