Thursday, November 18, 2010

nov 17 - dec 11 | kat gauthier | hamlet

Kat was Goldie Hawn in GODSPELL, and Sky Poppins in YOU STILL CAN'T. Now she's in a HAMLET in a nice long run on Commercial Drive...

Hamlet At Havana Doth Delight | Vancouver Sun

"Marci T House gives a great dignity to Queen Gertrude, and is especially attuned to "speaking the speech" as it should be heard, with perfect pronunciation and great clarity. So, too, do Gauthier and the other young women in the cast -- Julie McIsaac as Ophelia and Courtney Lancaster in a variety of roles -- offer ample evidence they're up-and-comers worth watching. Ophelia's mad scene is both hauntingly beautiful and tragically accurate in McIsaac's intelligent rendering, Gauthier is especially funny as a wildly hammy "player queen.""

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