Friday, March 25, 2011

apr 8-10 | grünewald retreat | cascades

Look what Soul Foodie Rosie Perera is up to. Trip to the Cascades, anyone?

The Grünewald Guild (a Christian retreat center in the Cascade mountains that encourages a dialogue between creativity and the Christian life) presents “The Living Room Lectures: Techie-anity,” a weekend retreat on faith, technology, and art, April 8-10, 2011. Sessions include “The Christian Artist's Role in Engaging with and Stewarding Technology” (Rosie Perera), “Thinking Theologically Through Things - My Violin and the Trinity” (Chelle Stearns), “Turning the Synthesizer into an 'Instrument' - An Example of the Social Construction of Technology” (David Stearns). There will also be a documentary screening (“Art 21 ‘Systems’“), a workshop on making fractals, a panel discussion, and a concert by musician David Loti. More here.

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