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mar 23 - apr 2 | evelyn strange | bergquist johannesen noble

Adam you'll know well, from PT shows like The Busy World Is Hushed, A Man For All Seasons, and Last Train To Nibroc. Byron Noble was hilarious in You Still Can't as Dave the beat poet, a government agent named Dave, and Uncle Vlad ("Call me Dave! Since Parastroika, this my name."). And while Shauna Johannesen may not be familiar to PT audiences just yet, she's very much becoming part of the PT community: a playwright and actress who did her theatre work at the same college as Jacqui and Ryan Hoke, she was VERY funny in her Fringe show Deadley. I've got a hunch Evelyn Strange will be very, very funny...

Evelyn Strange
by Stewart Lemoine
Mar 23 - Apr 2  | Wed - Sat 8pm + Sun Mar 27 8pm + Sat Apr 2 2pm
Havana Theatre


VANCOUVER, BC PREMIERE : Staircase XI Theatre Productions presents the Vancouver Premiere of Stewart Lemoine’s murder mystery Evelyn Strange --- a dark comedy inspired by film noir and Wagnarian Opera to explore themes of identity, greed, and passion through word play and personal revelation.

Evelyn Strange follows the amnesiac title character in 1955 as she seeks her own identity while forcing others to reluctantly reveal their true selves. Set in upscale Manhattan, the play parallels by the epic story of Wagner’s Siegfried through its characters as well as its musical score.

Canadian playwright Stewart Lemoine’s Evelyn Strange is the latest show from Staircase XI Theatre Productions. The company’s most recent production at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, Will Eno’s “Oh, The Humanity, and Other Good Intentions” was held over and nominated for the Georgia Straight’s Critics Choice award.

Reserve Tickets online or call 778.834.3624

Evelyn Strange is directed by Becky Shrimpton. Features Adam Bergquist, Shauna Johannesen, Byron Noble, Maryanne Renzetti

“Stewart Lemoine is an original. There is simply no one, anywhere, who writes like this Edmonton playwright.” – Colin McLean, CBC

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