Wednesday, March 30, 2011

jesus hopped the 'a' train | responses


"Jesus Hopped the "A" Train is a stunning debut for Glass City Theatre... Some of the most exquisite acting you’re ever going to see....  Robert Olguin plays Angel with the subtlety and authenticity of a gifted screen performer; not to get hyperbolic or anything, but watching him is a bit like watching Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon. ... And Carl Kennedy’s Lucius is a mind-blower: witty, savvy, terrified, charming ... the mind behind Kennedy’s steady eyes seems to belong to Lucius.... Evan Frayne nails the smallest role in the play, a guard named D’Amico, providing some of the most moving moments of the evening. Itai Erdal provides subtle lighting as well as a stunner of a minimalist set...." -Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"If you see only one show this year, this should be it." -Mark Robins,

"This play had such a powerful impact on me, that half way through, I started believing in god. The acting was genius and the lighting and music were phenomenal. The experience is very hard to put into words... Powerful, the words that I can think of just don't do justice to the play. Thank you. I loved it - the best play I've ever seen." Comment, soulfoodvancouver blog

"Wow - absolutely moving and first rate in every way. Congrats++ and thanks." audience member

"An extremely thought provoking production with amazing performances by all cast members. A few small comic moments relieved the hard hitting dialogue but did not distract from the dark subject of the play. The audience was fully committed to the performance from beginning to end. The minimalist set fully realized the starkness of prison. A well acted, well produced theatre experience. Would recommend this production highly." -Sheila Satherly, email

"Carl Kennedy is outstanding as the born-again Jenkins." -John Jane, Review Vancouver

"My wife and I went to see this play and it is a very moving, emotional and provocative performance that makes one think deeply about life and one's relationship with God! The actors were just sensational! Thank you and congratulations on another play well done!" -David Dick, email

"We had the pleasure of seeing Jesus Hopped the 'A' Train last night at the Pacific Theatre & it was must go" -Steph Forster, facebook comment

"If you live within driving distance of Vancouver, you NEED to go see Jesus Hopped the 'A' Train at Pacific Theatre. Get your tickets soon because it's gonna sell out fast. I'm not kidding. I don't care who you are, you need to go to this show." -Mackenzie Jane West, facebook comment

"Every wavering or certain Christian and everyone in recovery needs to see this play." William Hay, Writer

"We took in Jesus last night and were among the standing O's. Supremely well acted and very powerful script. We were actually quite numb on the drive home, not sure how to connect with each other or the play in the immediate aftermath of the 'assault'. Felt like we had been hit by the A train. Would very much like to read the script at some point, slowly and in my own time - in real time there was simply too much to take in. Congratulations on an artistic and, hopefully, commercial success." John Jennings

"I just saw Jesus hopped the A train. What a great show! A script just as good as Judas Iscariot and some of my favorite acting I've seen since I've been in Van. That Rob Olguin, he can really hustle can't he?" audience member

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