Wednesday, March 30, 2011

jun 12-19 + jul 31 - aug 7 | glen workshops

IMAGE journal is the best faith and art journal out there, has been for a long time. In recent years they've sponsored the Glen workshops each summer. Anyone I know who's attended has loved them.

Seize the Day!
Open Spots at Glen East and West

It's not too late! There are several classes still open for both Glen Workshops this summer. If you've been waiting to decide, now's your chance. Some classes have never before been offered, such as Dance, Calligraphy, Young Adult Fiction, and Fiber Arts. Register now online, or call the IMAGE office to sign up at 206.281.2988.

Find out why so many people have called the Glen Workshop "the week of the year that I look forward to most."

Songwriting with Kate Campbell
Calligraphy with Timothy Botts
Dance with Maggie Kast
Seminar with David Dark
Young Adult Fiction with Sara Zarr
Fiber Arts with Jo Ann Van Reeuwyk
Painting with Edward Knippers

Poetry with Gregory Orr

Painting with Kimberly Alexander
Play/Screenwriting with Bradford Winters
Clay with Ginger Geyer

Poetry with Robert Cording or Betsy Sholl
Film Seminar with Jeffrey Overstreet

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