Saturday, March 19, 2011

murray pura | the white birds of morning

Murray was a Regent College buddy, back before I headed off to theatre school and he became a writer (Mizzly Fitch, The Poets of Windhover Marsh, etc). New one coming out: gorgeous cover, intriguing premise...

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Murray writes; "White Birds is part of an ongoing series of books based on the lives of two of my aunts, one a card-carrying Communist, one a card-carrying Catholic. Such a dynamic allows for much that matters to be explored. White Birds covers the fighting in the east in the Second World War as well as other themes. It's almost 300,000 words, so close to 600 pages long. I put a lot of my current thinking, theology, and questioning into White Birds so, whenever you do that, your art becomes even more personal than it usually does. I wonder what the reactions will be since I do cross boundaries, not just Christian-sacred but secular-sacred?"

Not sure when it will reach your neighbourhood bookstore, but it's available now at Amazon

Murray's website

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murray said...

cheers, Ron - when you've read White Birds maybe we can do a blog interview of give and take - all the best