Thursday, June 02, 2011

the great divorce | responses

"Truly this is a very worthwhile piece of theatre ... which holds up to the audience a mirror of itself." | Alan Charlton, The BC Catholic

"You know when you go to see a movie and you don’t even realise there is an audience as you get swept up into story? Well, that is exactly how it was for me when I went to see The Great Divorce. I was pretty worried going in, thinking about the heavy content matter, but I actually left feeling lighter, feeling loved." | Leslie Mak, audience email

"I loved reading C.S. Lewis' Great Divorce but I think I enjoyed Pacific Theatre's presentation even better. Everything about this play was simply perfect." | William Hay, blogger

"The Great Divorce is hardly Sunday school material but it does offer an imaginative treatise on mankind’s inability to embrace the opportunity for paradise – even at the low cost of rejecting misery." | John Jane, Review Vancouver

"Rideout makes The Great Divorce a visual and theatrical treat. ... An impressive directorial debut." | Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

"The highlight of The Great Divorce is the phenomenal cast's poetic portrayal of these varying lifestyles and their vices. I recommend it for those that want live and layered philosophy presented to them by an intelligently orchestrated cast in terrific macabre costumes." | Maziar Ghaderi, Shargon

"Amazing show tonight, visually amazing, beautiful costumes, wonderful music, great set & lighting!" | Airam Vandenberg, Facebook

Just saw it - absolutely stunning! Hard to put to put words - stunning, unsettling, tortured, beautiful. And we got in on the talk back too! Wonderful evening. Got me thinking back to the days when PT was just a dream. Pretty amazing." | Melanie Calabrigo, Facebook

"We went to opening night. It was a great show! Entertained and edified. Great work by all involved!" | Jason Goode

"Just talked to someone in church this morning who saw the great divorce last night, he said he had read the book years ago and didn't like it, but the play changed his mind. He loved it." | Audience Email

"My family (wife, son and I) thought the performance was splendid! Amazing acting with minimal props, and the script stimulated much introspection and theological musing." | Jeff Small, email

"We attended opening night of this performance. It was truly an excellent performance, in writing, in staging and in the acting. This book of C.S. Lewis must have been very difficult to put into play format and to stage effectively. You did a magnificent job -congratulations." | Mary and Eldon Bruce, email

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