Sunday, June 05, 2011

artwork spotlight | a christmas carol

Installation three of our series on Emily Cooper's artwork for the 2011-2012 season!  Next up is A CHRISTMAS CAROL, our home-grown, one-man adaptation by Ron himself.

This story is almost a tale as old as time.  It seems like everyone's done their own interpretation.  According to Wikipedia there are 30 stage adaptations, 20 film adaptations, 23 versions for television, 11 radio broadcasts, and 5 recordings of the story (including one with Patrick Stewart that I've just got to track down!)  That's only the more-or-less official takes on the story that have been tracked enough to make it to Wikipedia!  This tale of Scrooge's harrowing Christmas Eve and ultimate redemption has certainly spoken to a lot of artists, and now we're doing our own version: restoring the thrilling originality, wit and fire of the original.

Now, for the artwork!

The ghosty, green back streets of London are indeed, the toxic, dirty streets of Scrooge's London.  The man may have been wealthy, but he did not live or work in splendor.

Scrooge is pictured here as a turkey, in part because he was really just a plain ol' turkey.  Something about that long neck and beady eye gives him a real Scrooge-like feeling.  Can't you just see him trying to steal a penny out of your pocket with that long beak of his?

The chain was a late addition.  The poster as a whole was stunning, but perhaps a little plain.  Chains are a huge image in the story, so adding one to  Scrooge was a gimme.

Now for the evolution of this image!  It wasn't quite so dramatic as the evolution of RE:UNION, but there were a few changes.

We've got the drab London background and Scrooge is a walrus, so far without the toxic green background.  Pretty cool.

This one was actually a third draft, - the second draft is the one that wound up being the final version.  We weren't even being difficult clients this time around, Emily was trying new things.  In the end we thought the hand on the hip was a little too jaunty.

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