Friday, June 10, 2011

artwork spotlight | 100 saints you should know

The next in our series on Emily Cooper's artwork for our 2011-2012 season features the final mainstage show of the season, 100 SAINTS YOU SHOULD KNOW.

100 SAINTS YOU SHOULD KNOW is a story that sounds really serious from its most basic description: a priest is falling away from his faith at the same tame as a housekeeper is finding it, while her daughter stirs up a little mischief on the side. The characters are so real and the dialogue so fresh, however, that what you end up getting is a bright and funny story with incredible depth and meaning.

There's not actually a ton to say about this artwork without giving away some bits of the story, but I'll take a go at it:

Center stage, toilet brush in hand, we've got Theresa, the housekeeper who's searching for God (hence the cross necklace).  The toilet brush, and of course, the toilet she's standing in, are because she spends her days cleaning toilets.

There are flowers everywhere, because Theresa is named after Saint Theresa.  Turns out there are a few Saint Theresas, but her particular Theresa is the patron saint of florists, and is also referred to as the Little Flower of Jesus.

All of the people are represented with variations of deer heads, despite being incredibly different people, showing how we are all, indeed, a part of the same species.

The final image is actually a dead ringer for the very first thing Emily came up with for this show.  There were, however, a couple of draft before we landed back where we started:

What do you think?

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