Wednesday, June 15, 2011

artwork spotlight | christmas presence

We've completed the main stage portion of our spotlight on Emily Cooper's artwork for next season.  Now on to the second stage with CHRISTMAS PRESENCE.

Every year we bring CHRISTMAS PRESENCE to our stage, a sure-fire quick seller that brings together some of PT's favourite musicians for a night of music and readings about the joys and foibles of the season.  To be honest, since the Vancouver performances of this show often sell out before the Christmas season has even begun, we've never concerned ourselves too much with getting a stellar image together to sell it.  Not that we didn't have some great images from our artists, we just never really worried about it too much.  Well, I can't say we were all that worried about it this time around either, but didn't Emily knock this one out of the park?

There's not a whole lot to unpack with this image, so instead let's just look at how much fun it is:

A reindeer in a Santa suit!

What a lovely shade of blue in the background!

He's got a hat hanging off his antlers!

It's snowing!

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Sandra van Doorn said...

i just moved to Vancouver and picked up a copy of the 2011-2012 season; it looks great, sounds even better, and i am looking forward to a few shows!