Saturday, June 04, 2011

jul 7-17 | house-sitting? | jp allen

Playwright/director J.P. Allen is coming to Vancouver July 7-17 to work on a PT apprentice project with me. He needs accommodation. Does that coincide with anyone's vacation? Could he stay at anybody's place here in Vancouver area? JP is 100% trustworthy, one of my closest friends for almost 30 years, since CalArts days.

Fire me an email at

Bit of a sneak peek at the project. PT apprentice Phil Miguel will be directing one of J.P.'s plays at Pacific Theatre July 13-16, with a superb cast - I'll leave it to Phil to announce the details, but suffice it to say I'm very excited about it.

That show's only about an hour in length, so it occurred to me when that plan was taking shape that the opportunity was lying in front of me to fulfill a whole pile of things myself. To get back onstage for the first time since Godspell, spring 2010. To work with my friend Shay McFaul, who simply MUST be seen more on the PT stage. To act in J.P.'s play The Disappearing, which I've given to acting students for scene work the last twenty years - it's so demanding, powerful - indeed, a year or so ago I made myself a theatre "bucket list" of plays I want to act, direct or write before I kick the proverbial, and The Disappearing was one of the first plays that went on the list. And maybe most exciting, to work again with my buddy J.P. - we've schemed about it for years, but not managed to pull it off since we acted together in Macbeth way back in 1996!

So Shay and I will be rehearsing together ahead of time, then J.P. will arrive probably July 7 and spend a week directing us in the final phase of rehearsal for The Disappearing, which will comprise the first half of an evening of work by J.P. Allen. Pretty stoked.

Now all we need is a place for J.P. to lay his head for about ten days. Anybody?

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