Monday, October 22, 2012

spitfire grill | responses

In one fell swoop we opened THE SPITFIRE GRILL and our 2012-2013 season!  Here's what people are saying so far about the show.

"The energy and passion of the performers gets to the heart of what makes Vancouver’s smaller theatres special. They’re a reminder that the city is filled with extraordinary dramatic talent – consummate professionals who act, sing and dance in a dwindling number of venues not for acclaim or fortune but for love of their craft." Remy Scalza, Inside Vancouver

"There’s so much talent in this Midnight Theatre Collective production, Pacific Theatre could spontaneously combust. See Spitfire Grill before it does." | Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

"I felt like a fly on the wall of the diner, getting a front row seat on the performance of the cast's lives. Lives that you wanted to cheer on, the way you would a hockey match, as they overcame their internal obstacles to happiness. Obstacles that really many of us face in some form or other, reminding us it is important to forgive ourselves and others, to stand up for ourselves and not be afraid to tell others what we want, and to not be afraid to let those we love grow. Facing a few internal obstacles myself, as of late, these were enlightening reminders ... to try and figure mine out, even if the answer for me is simply giving myself time to process and to further strive towards balance." | Emme Rogers, Being Emme

"Featuring a dynamite cast of local talent and a well-crafted, memorable score, it is a perfect show for autumn, radiating warmth and light in defiance of days growing cool and dark." | Brian Paterson, Laura Murray PR

"I took my aunt to see the matinee (she rarely goes to the theatre) and she was amazed to see that there was a whole small town on a tiny stage, that she was so absorbed by the story she forgot about the theatre, that she FELT so much - laughing and crying, that there was so much talent in one small space." | Lorri R., audience email

"Julie McIsaac plays Percy and, not only can she really sing—who knew?—but she also plays the violin. With her patentable brand of innocence and the simplicity of her style, McIsaac finds genuine vulnerability within the script ... Caitriona Murphy brings her playful timing and enormous ability to shape a song to the role of Shelby. Barbara Pollard’s Hannah is honestly salt-of-the-earth, and Sarah May Redmond (Effy) and Steven Greenfield (Joe) both display remarkable musical chops." | Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"At the end of the musical, I found myself believing that redemption does happen in big and small ways for regular people who have made mistakes – big or small. As each character encounters what is truly inside, he or she has choices to make: keep going in the same direction? or allow revelation to take him or her to a new place of hope and possibility?" | Laura Colley, The MB Herald

"The passion and power is palpable. Director Kerry van der Griend has done an incredible job - the whole production looks and sounds great. His musical director Steven Greenfield affably plays the part of Sherriff Joe and when he sings “Forest For The Trees” - a desperate ode of love to Percy - it is heartbreaking. Sarah May Redmond is hilarious as the town gossip Effy Krayneck and Caitriona Murphy as Shelby Thorpe is such a pleasure to watch as she finds new hope in the presence of Percy. Damon Calderwood gives the finest performance I have ever seen from him – his singing made me catch my breath.... The Spitfire Grill contains great, great singing, superb acting and has a lot of heart." | David C. Jones, The Charlebois Post

"When lead actress Julie McIsaac takes the stage and lets out her song, the room was immediately transfixed. ... I was completely captivated from the get-go." | Alan Woo, Fun Fun Vancouver

"Perhaps every community needs a Spitfire Grill that serves up generous portions of humour, wisdom and reality." | John Jane, Review Vancouver

"What a great show!!! I was engaged the whole time and it was wonderful!!! Thank you" | Audience Response, Facebook

"Spitfire was amazing! I loved every minute of it, and would recommend it to any fan of music, theatre, and good times in general!" | Audience Response, Facebook

"This cast bursts with so much heart that it is easy to recommend you pull a stool up to the counter and enjoy what’s being served at The Spitfire Grill." | Mark Robins, GayVancouver.Net

"WOW! Just home from experiencing The Spitfire Grill @ Pacific Theatre, and SO blown away by its incredibly talented and generous cast! Bravo! By ALL means, GO and see this gorgeous production! Everyone brings their A-Game, and *that* creates a most exciting ensemble! Thank you!!" | Audience post, Facebook

From the Twitter Feed:
@jaessicalin: Enjoyed #TheSpitfireGrill at @PacificTheatre. Great voice&well directed show. A story that challenge our thoughts and make us feel alive.
@christinef6: Still humming tunes from @PacificTheatre's fantastic production of #SpitfireGrill. Don't miss @juliehijinks & @greenfieldsteve in action!
@airambc77: @PacificTheatre really enjoyed spitfire grill last night. Wonderful start to the new season!
@mrmarkrobins: I had such a rotten week but I am so thankful for the cast of @PacificTheatre's The Spitfire Grill for reminding me why I love the theatre.
@funfunvancouver: Having a blast @ opening nite of spitfire grill @PacificTheatre !

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