Wednesday, October 31, 2012

nov 23 | night of creation | call for artists

A call for artists to participate in Coquitlam Alliance Church's NIGHT OF CREATION on November 23rd. Below is the invitation from Pastor Brad Strelau and a video to check out past nights.

Coquitlam Alliance will be having its 3rd Night of Creation event on the 23rd of November. NOC is open to all artists that would like to share their creations with others, for the glory of God and the edification of His people.

In the past artists have included musicians, poets, actors, photographers, videographers, painters, sculpters, sketch artists, etc. The night will include a forum of musicians sharing the story and process behind some of their music. There will also be a hands on area for people to make their own creations.

It will be a great night!

So, I am looking for artists of all types to be a part of the night, as well as informing all those who would love to come check out the event.

Here is a video with some images from one of our previous "Nights".

To enter, email Brad at

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