Monday, October 15, 2012

oct 17 | logosmysterium | twu

TWU is hosting a screening of the film LOGOSMYSTERIUM followed by a panel discussion on Oct. 19th at 7pm. And it's free!

An evening of experimental film and theological debate

TWU Faculty Development and the School of the Arts, Media and Culture (SAMC) are proud to host a screening of Logos Mysterium, an experimental and thought-provoking film conceived and produced by award-winning filmmaker Ned Vankevich.

Back by popular demand after its premiere screening last year, the film explores the meaning of the Greek word “logos.” A vast array of found footage, music, and poetic wordplay are combined to illuminate more than 60 meanings – ranging from the simple to the profound. The footage, mostly black-and-white 16mm film clips and photographs from the 1920s to 1950s, was amassed by Vankevich (a self-proclaimed “collector of extraordinary things”) over several years of research. A collage of words, evocative images ranging from water ballet to war propaganda, and varied musical styles such as 1920s folk & gospel, chanting, and a child’s music box, the film layers haunting depictions of humanity with ponderings of the divine.

“It depicts a world of the human and the divine, where ecstasy meets the everyday,” Vankevich reflects. “How does logos function, and where is God, in a world filled with the sublime and beautiful, but also the ugly and sinful?” Also a published author, Vankevich has received numerous awards for his work in film and television. He is an Associate Professor and Director of Film Studies at SAMC’s Department of Media + Communication.

Featured panelists reflecting on the film’s deeper meanings are Terry Lindvall, Ph.D., published film scholar and C.S. Lewis Endowed Chair of Communication and Christian Thought at Virginia Wesleyan College; and Iwan Russell-Jones, D.Phil., Head of Christianity and the Arts at Regent College and former BBCproducer/director.

The 45-minute film screens October 19 at 7pm in the Northwest Auditorium at Trinity Western University. Free admission. For more details about this event or about the film program at SAMC, email or visit

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