Wednesday, March 05, 2014

mar 4-14 | beggar's opera | shalyn mcfaul, chris lam

This week BEGGAR'S OPERA opened at the Jericho Arts Centre, featuring Shalyn McFaul (GODSPELL) and Chris Lam (100 SAINTS YOU SHOULD KNOW).

Following an exciting world premiere last April at Performance Works, Seven Tyrants Theatre proudly remounts their original musical Beggar's Opera at the Jericho Arts Centre.

The remount features much of the original cast, including Tallulah Winkelman as Polly, Linden Banks as Mr. Peachum, Kayla Deorksen as Lucy and Gord Myren as Lockit the Warden, and welcomes some new members including Cameron Anderson as Macheath.

In David Newham's exciting adaptation of John Gay's classic script, the action is jam packed into ten explosive ‘fantasias' - each a unique, live ‘theatrical music video' - coming together to realize an opera distinctly for the modern age. Newham's approach celebrates the epic theatre of Bertolt Brecht and the abstract absurdity of Samuel Beckett.

*Tuesdays $23.75
*Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday $33.25
Tickets and Info HERE.

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