Thursday, March 13, 2014

march 24 | crime and punishment | auditions

Our apprentice Ryan Scramstad is producing a one-act version of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT this June and has two roles to cast. Below is the audition information. Email if you're interested.

March 24 - 4pm-on

Described as a “conversation on the nature of evil,” Crime and Punishment is the story of Raskolnikov, a university dropout obsessed with a theory and ravaged by poverty. Fighting a battle between his justification for committing a horrific crime and the guilt which stalks him, Raskolnikov searches for absolution. With a police inspector hot on his trail and an unlikely friendship with a compassionate prostitute ever in his thoughts, Raskolnikov relives the events surrounding his actions in this psychological drama.

Running June 26-28 at Pacific Theatre

Character Descriptions –

Porfiry Petrovitch – White male, late 20s-40s. Amiable but tenacious police inspector investigating the murders of the old pawnbroker woman and her sister, Lizaveta. Excels at conversational games of cat and mouse in his effort to exact a confession. Shows care for the soul of Raskolnikov. Patient and empathetic, but persistent and determined. This actor also plays the part of Marmeladov, a weak-willed older man living in regret and despair.

Sonia – White female, early 20s. Slender frame. Sweet, pure young girl who has been forced into prostitution in order to provide for her poverty stricken family. Clings to faith in God for strength in the midst of suffering. Shows great compassion and deference to Raskolnikov, who has shown kindness to her family. Submissive, sacrificial nature, but will fight for her beliefs. Exhausted by life, yet finds hope in bringing peace to Raskolnikov. This actor also plays the parts of the old pawnbroker woman (suspicious and ill-natured), Lizaveta (timed and kind), and Raskolnikov’s mother.


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