Monday, June 23, 2014

30 for 30 campaign | WE DID IT! 107.7% Raised!

In case you haven't heard, this is our 30th anniversary season!  We're closing off with a bang with ESPRESSO as well as a fundraising goal of $30,000.  We are already halfway there with a matching grant for $15,000, but we'll only get it if you help bring us the rest of the way.  Track our progress below and see where your gift fits in!

300+11+500+150+6.5+10+15+100+20+100+25+2+150+150+5+11+150+150+150+30+1000+10+75+150+150+20+75+50+50+5+19.95+2+19.95+21+100+300+3000+20+63+20+36+5+150+100+500+40.40+500+77.50+50+100+10.40+31.5+63+31.5+31.5+12+100+300+160+200+100+400+200+250+30+50+100+31.5+500+20+39.90+36+100+100+25+105+10+31.5+100+100+150+100+30+48.05+30+2500+1000+1000+500 = $17,322.15

Add the Match of $15,000.00 and you get ... 

 $32,322.15 RAISED!  WE DID IT!!! 
We have maxed out our matching grant and made 107.7% of our goal!  

But it doesn't need to end there.  Still want to contribute?  It's not too late.
 Here's a link...

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