Friday, June 13, 2014

a walk in the thai sun | book launch | gjc mckitrick

Want to read a terrific novel? Want to win $100? As well as being a long-time PT fan, Greg McKitrick wrote a play called Unplugged: The Musical, which we workshopped one summer with Michael Hart Ruth Dallas Rich and me in the cast. I was also in a writers group with Greg, and he regularly brought in chapters of his novel A WALK IN THE THAI SUN. Well, the novel's just been published! Check it out, post a review and get entered in a draw to win a C-note! (Ron)

I’ve just released my first novel, A WALK IN THE THAI SUN, and I’m having a contest to celebrate this event. The concept is simple. Read the book and post a two or three sentence review—longer if you like–on Then send me an email through my website confirming that you’ve done so, I will check to see that the review is there and then enter your name in a draw for a $100.00 Amazon gift certificateMore information here. - GJC McKitrick

by  CJC McKitrick
Retired Vancouver Police officer Sam Watson has little use for religion.  When his only son, Jeff, commits to missionary service in Thailand, Sam is understandably upset.
An uneasy long distance relationship continues until the unthinkable happens: Jeff is murdered.  The mission organization wants nothing to do with the investigation and the Thai Police seem unable or unwilling to solve the crime. Sam finds himself in Thailand seeking his son’s killer but also grappling with loss, culture shock and, ultimately, the meaning of his son’s short life

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