Monday, June 02, 2014

june 2 | my own personal jesus | tim bratton

Tim Bratton does multi-media show-and-tell about growing up evangelical and tacky. You may have caught Tim on stage at Pacific Theatre as Jesus in Godspell, Norman in You Still Can't, or Percy in Wolf at the Door....

My Own Personal Jesus

June 2 @ 7pm
Grandview Calvary Baptist Church

Tim writes...

Have you ever owned a car with a Jesus Fish on it? Can you sing along to the song "Friends are friends forever"? Have you ever been afraid that the rapture happened and you got... left behind?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then chances are you grew up in the same world that I did: the world of evangelical popular culture. My Own Personal Jesus is an intimate history of my own experiences and reflections on growing up in the midst of these evangelical trappings. Part story telling, part history lesson, part multimedia extravaganza, come join me as I try to make some sense out of the more challenging and bizarre forms of my evangelical pop culture past.


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