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playground series 2014 | pacific theatre


Pacific Theatre's 2014 Playground Series
The Playground Series is a summer series where Pacific Theatre invites its emerging and recently-emerged artists to develop their own work on our stage. We are thrilled to announce the 2014 line up!

CRIME & PUNISHMENT  by Marilyn Campbell & Curt Columbus  
 A Stone’s Throw Production  June 25 - June 28 
Featuring PT Apprentice Ryan Scramstad

Described as a “conversation on the nature of evil,” Crime and Punishment is the story of Raskolnikov, a university dropout obsessed with a theory and ravaged by poverty. Fighting a battle between his justification for committing a horrific crime and the guilt which stalks him, Raskolnikov searches for absolution. With a police inspector hot on his trail and an unlikely friendship with a compassionate prostitute ever in his thoughts, Raskolnikov relives the events surrounding his actions in this psychological drama.
GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES  by Rajiv Joseph             A Stone’s Throw Production  July 3 - 12
Featuring PT Apprentices Pippa Johnstone & Kenton Klassen 
A decades-spanning relationship of an accident-prone dare devil and a corrosive masochist who navigate friendship, love, and the wounds created in between. Over the course of 30 years, their lives continue to intersect at the most bizarre intervals and places, leading the two childhood friends to compare scars and the physical calamities that keep drawing them together. Gruesome Playground Injuries tells a different kind of love story through sharp humour and even sharper insights into the human condition.

THE BLACK HOUSE, THE BLUE SKY by Dani Bryant & Andrea Loewen A Xua Xua Production  July 17 & 18

A new musical based on Canadian indie rockers Stars’ acclaimed album The Five Ghosts. A coming of age story for those who missed the point the first time around.

AUGUST IN THE SPRING by Cara Cunningham
A Satellite Theatre Production   July 23 - 26 

August is brilliant, socially awkward and desperate to stay a student forever. Her mother is determined to find her a man. 

August 6 - 9 

The 10-minute stories of the Lobby Project throughout PT’s anniversary season will be back as a complete stage production.

A ProVan Production   August 13 - 16

It’s the day of Socrates execution. As the hour draws near, his young second wife, Xanthippe, visits his cell, and the two lovers dissect and discuss his Philosophy of Love, as they argue about his choice to die.

Rosedale on Robson Writer's Week:
IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE by Shauna Johannesen 
A Pacific Theatre Production   September 19 & 20 

When Colleen returns home for her father’s funeral, she has to face the guilt over missing his last days, her own loss of faith, and the reason she left town. Between the crappy flowered cards and lasagne casseroles, the over-priced caskets and hidden bottles of wine, Colleen has to decide whether she can live without the love of her life, how she fits in her messy, religious, grieving family, and what it means to live with yourself.

The Playground Series is curated by PT artist Tina Teeninga.

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